Below is just a short list of what we think are some of the best strengths and coolest stuff in AdaptCMS. There is so much more - checkout the docs or download AdaptCMS to get the full scoop.

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One of AdaptCMS's biggest strengths has been the templating system. With AdaptCMS 3.0 we take things up a few notches by putting everything in as editable. This allows you to edit admin templates, layout files of course and for the first time - asset files. To make this manageable templates are grouped by "Themes". There is one default theme, but you can easily create a new one or download themes. You can manage images/css/javascript for these themes independently and use cakePHP's inheritence so you don't have to recreated over 100 templates to use, just create any that you want to overwrite the default!

Managing Articles

Building on another strength, AdaptCMS continues to make managing articles easy and advanced. Using custom fields and custom categories, you can easily shape the CMS to use any type of content website you want. You can have a wide variety of different field types, tag articles, publish articles at a later time, adjust article-specific settings and relate articles together. By relating articles together, such as with a gaming website, you can share related data - showing game information on a game review or seeing a link to checkout the new Looper review when on the Inception Movie page.

Media & File Management

Media has never been so fun and easy to manage! Once you upload files (now with the ability to upload one, or with one click of a button, many at the same time!) you can then proceed to either add a new or edit an existing media library. Click on the Modal brings up a paginated, sortable list of all files of image type that you can add to your library. Select the ones you want, click save to add them and submit to save your changes - that's it! On the frontend you will have a beautiful view of your media - by default with fancybox installed so viewers can have a slideshow of images. Coupled with Files ability to have images watermarked, resized and more - you have a lot of fun ahead.

Full User Permissions

It may not be sexy, but it is powerful! We tried to make editing permissions look good, but ultimately it's more about what it can do than how good it looks doing it. Just like other features in AdaptCMS, this one has two ways of using it. You can be hands on and customize roles like crazy - or leave them alone. Leaving them alone, the default roles of guest, member, staff and admin are fully functional so you don't have to worry about it. But if you do, the permission system works right down to the link! This extends to the frontend so you can create member only areas and not worry about someone without access even seeing the link if you wish.

API - Plugins & Themes

User Permissions and Roles may not be sexy (really, it isn't) - but the API with Plugins AND Themes, is! Coming with a few Plugins to start and one Theme, our system allows developers to easily create new Plugins or Themes to share with the world really easily! Or, just for yourself, your choice. You will be kept up to date with any new plugin versions, you can search the AdaptCMS website for all plugins and themes in our database and once you've downloaded some to try - it's really super easy to install - click a button and your done!