If you have encountered any issues or questions, let us know. If we receive a certain question enough times, we'll add it to the list here.

You are likely on a page that is being cached and not showing any errors. Be sure that all the appropiate files/folders are chmoded as specified in the installation. If that doesn't fix it, then refer to the error log file in '/app/tmp/logs/error.log' and forward that information to us.

More of a general statement - why are databases besides mysql not supported, nginx, etc. If we receive demand for an item, we will very likely put it in. Just send us a request and we will see what we can do.

First, refer to the license page. In summary, you can modify your copy in whatever way you want. If you choose to distribute the modified code however, you must carry the copyright notice giving us original credit.

To edit your site name, go to the "Apperance" page in the admin and look for "Layouts/default.ctp" - if you paste that in the search there should be one result for the default theme. Inside there you will see the site title around the 10th line and after changing it, it should immediately show on the frontend. (no cache clearing required)

Support Ticket: Site Title