AdaptCMS 3.0

Much of the basic big parts of AdaptCMS 3.0 are mentioned elsewhere, but this version is the largest change in the history of the CMS. A lot of times that is blown up by other CMS makers, but by most any measure - AdaptCMS 3.0 is an entirely new CMS. Built from scratch with no re-used code from the past (PHP, CSS or Javascript) and with a brand new framework - cakePHP. Also fully utilizing jQuery and the related AJAX, jQuery Validate for forms. An API has also been built from scratch, containing a database of Plugins and Themes to download, a version checker to make sure your copy is up to date.

Possibly the most important aspect of 3.0, is that AdaptCMS is staying true to it's original goal and message of a fully customizable CMS that is adaptable to any content website. We're trying to catch up to the competition and at the same time, innovate new features and better user interface for all types of users - admin developers, admin non-developers, staff, members, guests, etc.

For the first time, AdaptCMS is built for Desktops as well as Tablets and Mobile Devices thanks to a responsive frontend and backend responsive layouts.