Reaching and Keeping your target Audience posted May 10

How to manage your website 

Reaching and Keeping your target Audience 

The homepage to any website is the most important of all. Not only does it allow you to display content but it should be easy to use, simple to navigate around and encourage your audience to explore and delve deeper into your website. Your homepage should be kept up to date as well as looking exciting to your audience. The perfect blend of attractiveness and exciting, current content makes a good homepage. 

So whether you own a business blog, a website offering poker tips and advice or a photography website, the same rules apply for almost all types of website. Let’s see how you can enhance a poker themed website. 

Bright and bold 

Firstly, think about your target audience. For a poker website, offering tips and advice to help them with their partypoker games is something they’re sure to find interesting, As you know, most poker and online gambling websites are brightly colored, jazzy and encourages the audience to play using action phrases like ‘Play Now’ or ‘Click here!’. You can use this technique for your homepage too. Use jazzy colors to attract your audience’s attention and in a bold font boast your feature article of the day. Put your article of the day at the top of the homepage and underneath, other similar articles your audience might be interested in. 

Accuracy is key 

The homepage represents your company or organisation as a whole. Therefore, if your headline for Poker Tips contains a typo, your audience will assume that your article on poker will be just as shoddy. Those looking for advice and tips for playing poker will be seeking professional advice which is written in a clear format, therefore any typos will give the impression that the poker articles also contain errors and is untrustworthy. A poorly constructed webpage can damage your reputation and people may talk about it on poker forums. Poker fans may not come back if they know problems arise when trying to use your website. This is why, it is worth checking all your links to poker articles, poker images and text before and after publishing. Your audience may assume the entire website is broken if something on the homepage does not function accordingly. 

What does your audience want? 

You should consider what your audience wants to find out and not just publish poker articles of your choice. 

People looking for poker playing tips will not want to spend all day reading through long and waffling articles. They are probably keen to start playing some poker so they will want to read concise articles which get straight to the point. 

The homepage is not the place for lengthy text. Instead use short, sharp sentences that grab the audience’s attention. Use precise and short links to articles on your homepage like ‘Top 10 Texas Hold’em Tips’ or ‘Perfect Your Poker Face Here’. These links get straight to the point and tell the audience exactly what they want. 

Use action phrases 

Many poker websites use call to action phrases like ‘play now’ so why not include something similar on your homepage too? Maybe install videos on your homepage and above write ‘Watch the video clip below’ or ‘read the full story here’ and link it to another poker article. 

Keep it fresh 

Update your website with the latest poker news because even if someone isn’t necessarily looking for poker tips, they may have googled poker news and your website will pop up too. This will help drive more traffic to your site.

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