AdaptCMS Upcoming posted December 09

By the end of January and likely, by the end of this month, there will be three major adaptcms events occuring. Here are the basic details:

AdaptCMS 3.0.2 Release

It's been in development for some time now and after a lot of features, bug fixes and documentation - it's nearly out the door. We just have final testing to do and it will be released - likely the 22nd or 29th.

OneCMS-AdaptCMS Merger

This one is still under wraps, as we will release full details after the AdaptCMS 3.0.2 release, but in short, we are merging the two CMS's. After release, we'll go over what that means for OneCMS users and AdaptCMS users.

Updated API Website

Wanting to have the easy ability to add features in the future, we've moved the API website out of Silex and into Laravel. The short-term changes aren't enormous - the site looks largely the same, but users will have the ability to signin to the site through github and facebook. If you login with github and submit a plugin or theme, you can select an existing repo you have on github to link it up automatically.

Stay tuned!

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