AdaptCMS 3.0.3 - Release Date posted March 08

Updates have been slow lately - we took the longest break we've had since 3.0 was released, the good news is 3.0.3 will be releasing March 29th. Between now and then, the bulk of the work is hunting for bugs and preparing for release. Below are some of the biggest new enhancements or new features to the new version:

Admin > Article Enhancements

There is a lot of new things for articles. For one, the media modal was recoded so picking an image to attach to an article is quicker. Users can now attach libraries to articles which is a big feature - that means when viewing an article, you can show an image (or all of them) from a library and link to it without having to manually attach an image to an article.

You can now preview an article before it goes up on the site - this affects all field types, from selecting an image to the title of the article. Article revisions is another new feature for articles, allowing you to restore a previous iteration and the ability to preview what they look like.

In combination with article revisions are revision types of a traditional save, a "quick save" and an "auto save". Up to 10 traditional saves will be kept per article, with new ones overwriting the oldest ones. Then there can be 1 auto save and 1 quick save - quick save is simply a button on the admin navigation that clicking saves it, auto save allows you to pick an interval of 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes and it will save on it's own as long as that page is kept open.

Admin > Create a Plugin/Create a Theme

Starting simple right now, there is a new angular app to let users easily create a theme and plugin. While there was already functionality for adding a theme before, this helps prepare your theme for submission if you are interested in it in the future and optionally will setup a default layout and views. Creating a plugin will optionally create controllers/models/views if you so choose.

In the future, we plan on adding more functionality to both of these and to provide a direct line between the app and submitting your plugin or theme on the official API website.

Admin > Bootstrap 3

It took a lengthy amount of time, we have fully transitioned the admin interface to Boostrap 3. We have also upgraded the fontAwesome icon pack to the newest version. The biggest change will be the main admin page, which uses the new Boostrap panel feature - though the changes with the admin area overall will be quite obvious.

This will likely be the last significant design change for the admin or frontend until the next major version.

Stay tuned!

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