AdaptCMS 3.0.2 Released posted December 20

AdaptCMS 3.0.2 has been released! This version fixes bugs and adds/refines a lot of functionality in what ended up being a "medium" sized release. Below are some of the biggest new features:

  • Template Engine/Re-organization - The biggest new feature, the new template engine and folder re-organization has changed templating completely in AdaptCMS. With the new engine, you can use simple tags like to link to the list of news articles and many more tags (which are documented here). This helps those not familiar with PHP still be able to edit templates without a lot of difficulty. The new folder/template structure also makes it easier/faster to get what you need to - Admin and Frontend templates are split into their own folder, as a vast majority will only need to edit frontend templates.
  • Search - The previous search feature was well-concieved, but ultimately had some problems and the new search functionality is stable and much faster. Re-coding the search in angular, we were able to engineer a very fast search functionality across multiple features of the site. All modern browsers support it and it is a great feature with much to build upon in the future.
  • New Plugins - The Contact Form and Article Ratings are brand new starting with AdaptCMS 3.0.2. The Contact Form plugin is a simple new addition providing websites the easiness of use of providing visitors to your site the ability to easily contact you. Article Ratings is the other new plugin, providing a rating feature so that users of your site can rate articles - the permissions built in also allow you to allow or disallow guests from being able to rate an article. When creating a block, admins can then create a "best rated" list of articles.
  • Global Template Tags - With the new template engine, global template tags are now possible. Powered by angular, the admin interface is quick and easy to move around in. If you add a tag called 'copyright', then you can simply call 2006-2020 AdaptCMS to display the value you entered for the tag. These tags are usable in any template on the site, from the layout to a plugin template. The choice is yours!

With the release of 3.0.2, the documentation has also been update covering a lot of areas, this can be viewed here. You can see a full list of changes at github.

API Website Updated

With the new release of AdaptCMS, we switched framework for the updated API website. Switching to Laravel 4, this allows us to add new functionality easier and quicker. While we switched frameworks, we also added in new functionality! Rather than just creating an account that only lets you access that site, anyone can now sign in with their facebook or github account. We recommend github accounts because when submitting a plugin/theme, you can select an existing repository on your account to populate the author URL and download URL fields for - no need to upload a zip to your own site, just use github to easily submit to the site!

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