AdaptCMS 3.0.3 - January 18th posted January 18

After the release of 3.0.2, work started days after on the next release. While not considered a major version, there was a lot we wanted to do in the new version. The main focus is article improvements, boostrap/font awesome upgrade and a new addon creation tool.

Article Enhancements

There's a lot! First, the media modal has been re-coded in angularJS so the functionality is much more stable and much quicker. Next, there is a new preview functionality. When adding or editing an article, you can preview that article - from the name of the article down to a custom field value you enter, it uses the real template you would be seeing in the frontend and provides a great way to see what it will look like without having to submit it.

The last functionality is "Article Revisions". After you add an article and go to edit it, you will see options for revisions. If you submit the article the normal way, a revision is added with a max number of revisions for articles kept as a setting. (by default, 10) You can also click a "Quick Save" button which will do an AJAX save (only one of those kept at a time) and you can select an auto-save, which will automatically save once every 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes. (also only one auto-save kept per article)

You can then see previous revisions and restore a revision along with doing a preview to see what it looks like.

AngularJS and AdaptCMS

It's crept in, but AngularJS will become more and more prevalent in AdaptCMS. We intend on not over doing it, but for functionality that is a one-page or small contained app - AngularJS is perfect for it. It's already in global template tags and search - with 3.0.3, you will see it for the media modal popups along with the new addon creator tool.

Besides being a new technology, it produces much cleaner and easier code along with an overall much nicer interface for the end-user to interact with.

Bootstrap/FontAwesome Upgrade

With the release of 3.0.1, we upgraded the frontend design to the newest boostrap version - but held off on the admin due to the time involved. Since bootstrap 3.0 is very different and fontawesome also changed their naming conventions, we decided it was a good time to upgrade. The design is largely around the same as before, but the main admin page has been upgraded and the overall look/feel is "bigger" and less round, which is the Boostrap 3 look.

Besides fixes and small tweaks, this will be the last design overhual until a major version comes out in the future. (possibly 3.1)

Addon Creator

A fairly big feature, the addon creator is a new feature written in AngularJS that will provide an easy interface to create a plugin or theme. The main purpose of the app is to make it easy to create either, along with providing the ability to do most things inside AdaptCMS without having to edit files via FTP.

There hasn't been much done on it yet due to the boostrap upgrade, but a lot has been planned for it. You'll be able to set a name (and do a check for an existing named addon on the official site), set info on the addon, add files with skeleton defaults provided as a base and basic guidelines/tips on helping you create a plugin or theme.


The most time consuming features will be the boostrap upgrade and the addon creator. We also plan on some smaller enhancements, but with the amount of time required for both those things - there may not be any new plugins or themes this time around. Stay tuned, as we should have another blog up in the next month detailing more info on the addon creator and a timeline for release.

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